Thursday, 26 August 2010

Blog start

Ok goes.

This is my official attempt at becoming a blogger.

I guess one of the questions is... who needs another blogger and particularly on worship matters. There are so many great contributors already but I suppose everyone has specific angle to bring to the party.
Speaking of parties, had a great one at "Together at Westpoint" in Exeter last week-end with the Guy Miller guys down in the South of England. 

Shared the leading with Matt Giles, what a great guy, great worship leader/song-writer. Matt and the band were a treat to work with. Happy to serve, great players and nice people. I did end up throwing them in the deep water at times but they can certainly swim. I've come to realise that I don't do things quite like most around these parts. Some of the pressures I face arriving here in the UK is that people just don't sing/play enough of my songs or at least the styles!
One of the band members, name not mentioned, commented on the fact that they were wondering how my songs would work, having had a listen to some tracks. But once having experienced them, realised they could be done!
This brings to mind a whole lot of questions about songs, culture, media, style the "Western Christian genre" etc... which I will eventually get round to making some observations on later down the line ....

I got to jam some of my new songs at the conference. Again - "Everybody in the church is dancing" was loads of fun to do, ended up dong it 3 times! and was pretty pleased with "Christ in us" although may tweak a lyric or 2.

Should be coming onto my website for download/donate - a new experiment of mine, to see how sustainable it can be as an artist.

This week-end at King's church Norwich, the preaching's following the theme on the Ressurection which has inspired me to write on the topic so am hoping to try a new one called "Eye to eye". Hope it works!
Hey didn't feel too bad blogging... let's see if I can keep it up. I'm thinking short blogs once a week at this stage .... Off for a Kings cafe lunch now ....