Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So it's been a while since my first blog. I even got some comments, now I just have to work out how to respond to those kind people!
Ok, Let me think, what have I been doing the last 3 weeks that's worth blogging about.

Three week-ends ago Goff & Angie Hope,Tracy and I , headed off to Ashford to be with Gateway church. It was great to meet and stay with Graham and Sue Hall. What a great couple. We did spend a lot of time talking "cycling" as they had just completed a 900 mile cycle trip of France and we have done our fair share of triathlons and Ironman events.

On the Saturday I did a worship "seminar" for worship teams in the region. That was great fun.
On the Sunday Goff spoke and I led the praise. It's brilliant celebrating in God with His people. Was a good morning!

The following week-end, I did some Newfrontiers leadership training on Worship. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It's always good creating discussions with leaders. There's a broader angle when looking at things. I particularly like to test the status quo. Much of what we do and think is often not based on New testament, biblical values, but traditions, methods and styles.
There are some good practices and traditions, passed down from our fore-fathers but often what we do is culturally derived and does not reflect true biblical values. What I'm looking for is a kingdom expressions of praise. I think it's good for us to question/audit what,how and why we do things like we do them and ask if our methodology is agreeing with our theology.

One of the first songs I wrote was ..."tradition a dead thing, tradition a living sin!" Heavy stuff.
We can think that tradition is only a curse of "traditional churches", but even in the modern worship movement, we have some traditions that need challenging.

One of the simple starting points for me is to ask "what do we mean by "worship". Without being too pedantic, words express meaning, so it is important to understand what we mean by them.
Seeing that I'm about to preach at Kings on worship ..., let me pose the question and in future blogs, I'll explore it more ..any comments to get me thinking would be great.

This last week-end, I led at the Thetford church plant celebration on Saturday night and then at King's on Sunday morning. Both were a real blast. I love giving the English an opportunity to dance, they really want to.

that's all for now, let the games begin!