Thursday, 21 July 2011

GOoD blog

GOoD Blog:

For the next few posts, I'll be writing a song commentary on my new album, GOoD.

Ok, let's talk title first.
When selecting an album title, I mostly look for a song title that's apt.
I have used part of a title this time, "God is GOoD". The word good stood out to me. Then that play on the word and letter size came to Tracy and so we thought that would be quite eye catching and fun.

It en-captures the fact that God is good. All goodness is primarily found in God.
I'm aware that it can be read as "Good God" which is how the, almost blasphemous phrase, would have come from. I'm reclaiming it for the truth it stands for ...ok.

When entitling an album, you can also look at an over-riding theme in the songs.
I was tempted to do this as I noticed that quite a resurrection theme stands out, rather unintentionally in the songs (Adrian Warnock will be pleased!)
In fact 2 songs have the same lyric in them (buy the album and identify which songs...see orders on )
( "Because you rose we'll never die."
I must say I had to think about using that phrase twice on one album, but it's a great thought, so why not say it twice, however I did grapple with it as well, as you'll see when I come to the song commentary. The truth is we all die physically, apart from those of us who are around when Jesus returns!. Also everyone gets raised from the dead, and faces judgement. Then what happens... do some live and some die.
Everyone endures through eternity, those who trusted in Christ receive eternal "life" and those who did not, are damned to eternal "destruction" in some sense a living death. At least they will wish that they were annihilated.
So for the Christian, in all intents and purposes, we will never die, for the non-believer in Jesus, they will be in eternal death ... a living death as it were. Hey, doesn't this make you want to preach the gospel!

I didn't quite like the title "resurrection". Doesn't quite work for me. So went with GOoD instead. A far more general, en-capturing title. Hope you agree.


At 17 September 2011 at 03:49 , Blogger John said...

I'm really enjoying the album Evan, especially "To the cross I'm clinging", "This I know" and "Lord of liberty". Can't wait to hear some song commentaries!


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